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Managers & Coaches agree to the following:

Managers and Coaches shall always conduct themselves so as to maintain the highest principles, integrity, and dignity of the game of ASA Softball.

Managers and Coaches are responsible for the conduct of the players' parents and/or guardians.

Managers and Coaches are responsible for knowing, understanding, and following all rules as established by the PQGSA.

It is the Manager's and Coach's responsibility to make sure that all players understand the rules and participate with good sportsmanship.

The manager and coach shall neither exhibit nor tolerate any behavior from others - verbal or otherwise - that might reflect poorly on the League. This includes, but is not limited to, arguing judgment calls with Umpires. Managers and Coaches are expected to express any dissatisfaction with an umpire's call calmly and quietly. Public displays of displeasure - before, during, or after a game - are not acceptable behavior.

Managers and Coaches are expected to maintain appropriate levels of behavior as an example to the players.

Managers and Coaches are responsible for the safety of all players on their team.

Managers and Coaches shall respect all PQGSA fields, equipment, and League officials.


Violations of this Manager Code of Conduct may be brought before the PQGSA Board of Directors and may result in disciplinary action up to and including suspension from games, forfeiture of games, and/or possible dismissal from the League.

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