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PQ Girls Softball Board of Directors

Board Position Descriptions

PQ Girls Softball Association Board Roles

Thank you for your interest in volunteering and serving on the board of directors.  This document will provide a brief description of the roles and responsibilities for board members.  Please refer to our Bylaws for more information.

All board members are expected to attend our regularly scheduled board meetings, communicate regularly with our executive board members, and assist with other duties throughout the year such as: player assessments, manager selection interviews, opening and closing day activities, all-star tournaments, etc.

Executive Board Roles:

The executive board is voted on by families and each term for our executive board positions is two years (September 1 - August 31).  Executive board candidates must have served at least one year on the board previously before becoming eligible for an executive board position.


The president is the official representative for PQ Girls Softball.  The incumbent presides over our regularly scheduled board meetings, represents PQ Softball at meetings with USA Softball, other league presidents, and city or county functions. 

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The vice-president is the alternative representative for PQ Girls Softball in situations when the President is not available.

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The secretary will maintain all official documents related to PQ Girls Softball.  The secretary will schedule board meetings, create and distribute board agendas and meeting minutes, facilitates board voting and election functions, and maintains the rules and Bylaws for the league.

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The treasurer manages all financial records and accounts, provides monthly financial reports to the board, prepares league tax documents, pays invoices and supports the creation and maintenance of the annual budget.

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Player Agent:

Represents player's interests in the league.  Player Agent supports the registration board member in seasonal player registration and affiliation reporting to USA Softball. The player agent is responsible for managing assessments, player drafts, birth date certification, and supporting all-star selection with the All-Stars board member.

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Board Member At-Large Roles:

Board members at-large support the executive board in the day-to-day management of the league.  Board members at large are appointed by the Executive Board and serve a term of one year (September 1 - August 31).


The registration board member is responsible for managing the registration processes for each season.  Additionally, the registration board member is the main point of contact for background check and USA Softball affiliation reporting activities.

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The all-stars board member will coordinate all all-star activities including preparing interest and manager forms, player evaluations, manager selection meeting, and other all-star related activities. The all-star board member will work closely with the tournament board member in support of the annual PQ Memorial Day All-Star tournament.

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The trophies board member will manage vendor relationships for all trophies, rings, and awards that are given out throughout the year.

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The umpire-in-chief is responsible for coordinating schedules for umpires for all PQ softball games.  additionally, they are responsible for the continuing development of the Jr. Umpire program.

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The fields board member is responsible for the coordination of maintenance and preparation for all fields to be used for practices and games.  The fields board member will coordinate with team managers to ensure that fields are prepared before and after practices/games, availability of equipment such as chalk, bases, etc., and works with the city to ensure water is available at the fields.

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The equipment board member procures, manages, and maintains all league equipment for all seasons.  They will maintain an inventory of all equipment and will be responsible for managing the distribution of equipment at the beginning of each season and the return of equipment at the end of each season from managers.

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The sponsorship board member will support the out-reach to businesses and individuals within the community to identify new and ongoing sponsors for the league. They will organize the list of official sponsors and procure banners and other obligated items based on their sponsorship levels.   Additionally, they will organize additional fundraising events (e.g. - dine out nights, raffles, etc.).

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League Book:

The league book board member supports the organization of each year's league book.

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Rec. Council:

The rec. council board member will represent PQ Girls Softball on the PQ recreational league council.

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The scorekeeper board member ensures scorekeepers are trained and equiped with the appropriate resources to keep scores of games during all seasons.

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The webmaster is responsible for maintaining and updating the PQ Girls Softball website. They will work with the player agent and registration board members to ensure smooth player registrations occur each season.

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Pictures and Social Media:

The pictures and social media board member is responsible for all social media sites for PQ Girls Softball.

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Winter/Fall Ball:

The winterball board member is responsible for coordinating activities related to our winter/fall season.

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The tournament board member is the primary point of contact for coordinating all activities related to our annual Memorial Day Softball tournament.

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Division Coordinator - 6U (T-Ball):

Primary point of contact to coordinate 6U activities (practices, games, team events, etc.)

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Division Coordinator - 8U:

Primary point of contact to coordinate 8U activities (practices, games, team events, etc.)

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Division Coordinator - 10U:

Primary point of contact to coordinate 10U activities (practices, games, team events, etc.)

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Division Coordinator - 12U:

Primary point of contact to coordinate 12U activities (practices, games, team events, etc.)

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Division Coordinator - 14U:

Primary point of contact to coordinate 14U activities (practices, games, team events, etc.)

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Capital Projects:

The capital projects board member works with the sponsorship board member as well as others to identify capital project needs to support PQ Softball.

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Board Meetings

The PQGSA Board meets twice each month (typically on a Tuesday) at Canyonside Rec Center.
Members of the PQGSA Community are welcome to attend and participate at the meetings.

Please contact the league president before attending a meeting to confirm time & location at [email protected].

Previous meeting minutes can be found here.

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