Player Questions

Player Information

1. How do we register?

Registration generally takes place in November with late registration in December. You can visit our Registration Page to register online during open registration. After online registration has closed, please contact us for availability.

2. What and when are the mandatory skill evaluations?

The mandatory skill evaluations are a chance for the girls in the 14U, 12U, 10U, and 8U divisions to come out and show their stuff before the season begins. At the mandatory skill evaluations, each player will get a chance to catch, throw, hit, and run.

The skill level of each girl will be graded in these areas by our evaluation staff. The grades will then help the managers select girls during the draft.

Mandatory skill evaluations for the in mid-January at Canyonside Park. Players in the 14U, 12U, 10U., and 8U divisions will receive a postcard in the mail telling them the exact time and location for their mandatory skill evaluation. The schedule will be posted online as well.

There are no skill evaluations for the 6U division.

3. How will I be placed on a team?

There is a draft for all divisions to place girls on teams.

Girls in the 14U, 12U, 10U, and 8U divisions must attend the mandatory skill evaluations, after which the manager of a team will draft them.

There are no skill evaluations for the 6U division. For these divisions, we try to honor requests to play with friends or with a specific manager. However, due to it being a draft, we can't guarantee any such requests.

4. How will I find out on which team I am placed?

Your manager will contact you within a week after the draft takes place.

For this season see our current calendar.

5. Will I be on the same team as last year?

Not necessarily, it depends on which team drafts you.

6. Can I be on my friend's team?

For the 14U, 12U, 10U and 8U divisions, you can only be on your friend's team if you and your friend are drafted on the same team. For the 6U division players, if you and your friend request to play on the same team at registration time, we will try to honor that request. However, due to it being a draft, we can't guarantee any such requests. But we do our best to keep friends together in the younger divisions.

7. When and how will I get my uniform?

After the draft, uniforms will be ordered in the team colors. The managers will get the team uniforms about mid February in a variety of sizes. The managers will distribute the uniforms to the girls prior to the first league game in late February.

8. Must I wear my uniform to all games?

Yes. You must wear your complete uniform at each game. If you are not in your uniform you will be ineligible to play in that game.

Shirts must be tucked into pants. Cleats must be worn. Shoelaces must be tied. No jewelry may be worn except for a medical alert bracelet. If eyeglasses are worn, they should be shatter-proof safety glasses.

If it is cold, you may wear a long sleeve shirt, light sweater, or long johns under your uniform. Some umpires may not let you play in the field or bat with a jacket or sweat shirt over your uniform, unless your outer wear has your name and number on it just like your uniform. However, you may wear a jacket over your uniform any time you are in the dugout area

9. Do I get to keep my uniform?


10. What about scores, standings, playoffs, and trophies?

There will be playoffs in the 14U, 12U, 10U, and 8U divisions. Trophies are given out to teams that finish at the top of their respective divisions, as well as to the teams that finish at the top of the playoffs.

For the 6U division, scores and standings are NOT kept. The purpose is to encourage managers to give all kids equal playing time and not worry about the score. At the end of the season, ALL girls in these divisions receive participation trophies.