Parents Corner


They are only children: Let them have a great experience!

Sportsmaship is an expectation.

Let the players play,
Let the coaches coach,
Let the officials officiate, and
Let the fans Cheer loudly in support!

Don't neglect your daughter

The Journal of Family Psychology noted that 41% of fathers with sons spent more time with their child, compared to 16% for dads of daughters. In other words, many dads simply do not hang out with their daughters to the extent they hang out with their sons. This is unfair. Sons may be easier for dads to relate to because of some shared interests and points of view, but girls need every bit as much of their dad's attention as boys do. If you have a daughter, talk to your wife about different ways you can enter her world - even if you don't always understand. If you're not there for your baby girl, some other guy will be. And that's a gamble you don't want to take.