Opening Day Vendors
Opening Day Schedule of Events

2:00 PM Vendor Setup( food, ice cream, glove engraving, obstacle courses, throwing games, jumpier, DJ)

3:00 PM Early Games Start on All Fields

4:30 PM Setup Field 9 for Ceremony

5:00 PM PQGSA Parade of Teams - All teams will settle in the infield dirt area, (1st to 3rd base)

MC & Westview Softball Players will be in greeting line for players

5:00 - 6:30 PM Pad Squad

5:15 PM President Welcome Message

5:20 PM National Anthem (sung by PQ player TBD)

5:25 PM First Pitch (12U PQ Catcher…with USA Softball Commissioner doing 1st pitch)

5:30 PM Raffle of Prizes to PQ Players

6:00 PM Late Games Start